Saturday, July 30, 2005

More on Marc Emery

Tim checks in at comments on last night's post with links to Canadian coverage at the major broadcast networks.

The Seattle Times posts some new quotes from the DEA.
Rod Benson, the DEA's Seattle special agent in charge, said in Seattle that Emery showed "overwhelming arrogance and abuse of the rule of law."

Some of Emery's seeds went to people growing pot for their own use, said Jeff Sullivan, chief of the criminal division for the U.S. attorney's Seattle office.

"However, a substantial amount was going to commercial marijuana operations, and we think they'll be significantly affected once he's out of business," Sullivan said.
Like we said yesterday, that logic is so wrong as to be idiotic. The only effect will be to rob Canada of the tax revenues created by a thriving business.

The Globe and Mail adds more details.
“I am pleased to announce that he is out of business as of today,” [Special Agent Rodney] Benson told a Seattle news conference. “His overblown arrogance and abuse of the rule of law will no longer be on display. Like other drugs, marijuana harms the innocents.”
Unfortunately, The DEA's arrogance and abuse of the rule of law go unpunished. Benson should been struck senseless by the hand of God for spewing such self-serving propaganda.

What pure laziness to go after a sitting duck when the truly dangerous problem of meth labs goes unaddressed. A problem that arose and continues to grow as a result of their insupportable vendetta against otherwise law-abiding herbal consumers.

[hat tip to Tim Meehan]


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