Monday, March 15, 2004

Kicking Butts

For those of you who have waiting for an update, today marks two weeks without a cigarette. I haven't posted much about this lately because it's been kind of a boring process. I just don't smoke although I certainly don't feel out of the danger zone by any means.

I still love the smell of cigarettes and my ongoing quest for second-hand smoke has become a running joke at City Cafe. The chain smokers have started saving the adjacent stool for me and I'm greeted with great fanfare when I arrive. Everyone is rooting for me, and folks are either amused or amazed that this strategy is working.

I can't explain it myself, all I know is when the urge to give up and just buy a pack of cigs hits, stale smoke helps and until it doesn't, I won't feel like I've really won the battle against this addiction. Of course by the time that happens, I figure I'll be dealing with my addiction to nicotine replacements. My Commit lozenge intake seems to be insidiously increasing...


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