Friday, March 12, 2004
Grilling the Drug Czar

Well John Walters will soon be on the road again, doing a propaganda tour at the taxpayer's expense to promote this new dunderheaded drug testing in the schools project. Usually he skulks in and out of town without prior announcement but Drug Policy Alliance has managed to get his schedule. If you live near any of these locations, you can attend the Office of National Drug Control Policy Student Drug Testing Regional Summits. These events will attract media attention, and offer us a chance to get our our side of the issue heard!

The dates and locations of the meetings are:

Chicago, IL, March 16, 2004. 9am-5pm
(Radisson Hotel Schaumburg, 1725 Algonquin Road)

Fresno, CA, March 18, 2004. 9am-5pm
(Fresno Convention Center, 848 M Street)

Atlanta, GA, March 25, 2004. 9am-5pm
(Holiday Inn, 450 Capitol Avenue)

Denver, CO, April 8, 2004. 9am-5pm
(Executive Tower Hotel, 1405 Curtis Street)

If you live close enough to attend, you can RSVP for the summits at DPA can also help you plan your strategy with this online tool kit.

Let's not allow this proposed 23 million dollar boondoggle to be sold to our school systems without objecting to this waste of tax dollars on this invasive and ineffective program.


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