Thursday, March 11, 2004
Where Would Martha Go?

Has incarceration become the next trendy thing? I've been meaning to change my home page for months since I never read anything on MSN, however, the title Best places to go to prison caught my eye this morning. It seems with all the famous and semi-famous folks being convicted of white collar crimes these days, Forbes has come up with a list of recommendations should you get the choice of where to serve out your sentence. Interestingly, they are almost all on the east coast.

Coming in at number one is the federal prison camp Eglin in Florida. That joint was considered so cushy that the term "Club Fed" was coined to describe it. Of course the name was coined while they still used to allow prisoners to go home to their families on weekends. I suppose it is now rated at number one because it's the only place not housing prisoners over capacity and besides, the amenities sound better than what the students at many of our public school systems enjoy.

Amenities: Open dormitories hold 50 men who sleep in two-man cubicles. Softball, basketball, soccer, flag football, universal weight machine, free weights.
Vocational training offered in diesel and small-engine mechanics; dental assistant apprenticeships.

Prisoner perks: Eglin has an active music department that sponsors a number of inmate bands and also has a stash of instruments that prisoners can check out. Also of note is the camp's strong religious studies program that even goes so far as to offer Native American practitioners a small hide tent that can be used as a sweat lodge.

Looking at the slide show though, I thought Morgantown looked like a better location.


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