Monday, December 29, 2003


There's a med-mar case developing in California that could test the bounds of a newly enacted state law. In an astounding display of Christmas spirit, authorities shut down yet another certified provider.

Cheryl Adams, who owns the Hayward Hempery and its Hayward Patient Group, was arrested at 12:20 a.m. Dec. 12 in front of the TownePlace Suites hotel at 39802 Cedar Blvd., where she had been living. She allegedly was driving with 5.32 pounds of marijuana in 29 separate small plastic bags, Newark police Sgt. Fred Zachau said.

I'm sure this ruined more than just Cheryl's holiday. All the people who depended on that medicine were forced to suffer through the season in pain. Cheryl however appears willing to fight this one out on principle in what could become an important case.

If she's of the same mind-set as medical marijuana activist Ed Rosenthal, "we may have the first real show trial of SB 420," said Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative Executive Director Jeff Jones.

Adams was pulled over on the premise of a burned-out tail-light. In light of the fact there had been a recent break-in at her clinic, I find the circumstances of the stop somewhat suspect. Bogus equipment violations are a favorite tactic of the narco-troops when they feel they have a pretty good chance of scoring on a fishing expedition. They had to have figured she would have to resupply and they were probably aware of the security problems in her building.

It's a tough choice to put your family through a trial but she appears to be up for the fight and we're wishing her well.


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