Monday, December 29, 2003


David Malmo-Levine, one of the defendants in the recent Canadian Supreme Court decision, has a thread going at Cannabis Culture offering an inside look at the proceedings.

My long term readers will remember that David has been appearing pro-se and made his arguments in the lesser court after smoking some bubble-hash outside the courthouse. He reportedly made a brilliant presentation there and you can see video of the latest proceedings, including David arguing his own case at Pot TV.

Last word to David's remarks on habitual use of any substance.

...these are all factors that differentiate chronic abuse from just chronic use, like, say, a chronic caffeine user might properly use coffee, but use it every day.

And - and all of these things that they blame cannabis for, point their fingers at cannabis harms, would be true for coffee if it was made suddenly illegal.

Point well taken. You can actually overdose on caffeine.


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