Tuesday, December 23, 2003


I'm blaming my recent tangent into Presidential Politics on my insta-addiction to Glenn Reynolds. Love him or hate him, (I swing between both myself), he breaks the news and I'm learning to mine for the gold in the dregs of infuriating Bush-spun links to keep my blood pressure down. He got me this week though. I innocently clicked and found myself in a hornet's nest of Bush Policy Apologists (hereinafter "BPA").

I don't know, it was just the moment, normally I would have just clicked out but the post and the ensuing commentary pissed me off enough to add my own comment. The object of their mockery was a good piece if you read the whole thing and they were wasting bandwidth giggling over who got caught posting that the plastic turkey that Bush served to the photo-op troops was actually flown over on AF1.

I'll admit my first post was somewhat strident but I was unprepared for the vitriolic response. For the first time I was being what I believe they generally call, flamed. In this little venomous forum they call it Fisking, which I assume is a reference to some long term gleeful belittling of Robert's work which I happen to admire. Anyway, I'll admit my first post was somewhat strident.

I can't fail to notice that the B.P.A. club on this comment list chooses to focus on the fake turkey comment and thus obfuscates the substantive questions within the piece.

Morford asks:

"The capture does not justify the savagery, nor the humiliation. Not by a long shot. The ends do not justify the means. Nor do they justify the staggering, steaming pile of BushCo lies about why we went to war in the first place.

Remember those? Remember how not one single motive BushCo gave for launching this insane war has actually been proven true? Does this even matter anymore, the string of falsehoods and treasonous fabrications? Apparently not. This is America's biggest wonder, and its ugliest flaw: a nasty short-term memory."

I wish the Importantpundits here would address these issues and enlighten me as to how this capture has made any difference in the security of the United States.

I don't feel any safer from terrorism. Do you? Really?

I regained my civility which is more than I can say for most of the BPAs. I was called a liar, a narcissist, an Alzheimer's victim, an idealist, a utopian, la-di-da, loopy, and selfish. I was called an idiot many times. They questioned my gender, they think I might be chickenhawk lunchboy dude. That post gets the award for most intriguing. I stayed around a little longer than I might have to see if their great warrior, ben butler would arrive to do battle but no such luck.

I was called "yet another well-meaning and timid middle-class western suburbanite with utterly no concept of the baseline savagry of human nature." (Those of you know me will appreciate the humor in that). This kid needs a spell checker but Amos, who seems to something of a pet of the board, gets the award for most creative insults. He also called me "effectivly a profoudly spoilt and arrogant little brat, and an arrogant and a leftist buffoon in the name of masturbationary moral grandstanding. He further informed me, "I know your, tedious, ernest, unimaginative, self-congratulatory worthless kind all too well."

I've heard it said that the faults people find most offensive in others are the ones that they cannot face in themselves. The award for the most eloquent illustration of that theory goes to TomB who gets the quote of the day.

The left has always been willfully ignorant of the true condition of human nature, and at certain historical times that ignorance becomes a deadly liability. Post 911 America is one of those times.

It was a fascinating exercise in sociological inquiry into the minds of the hard right that I rarely get to interact with and I learned a lot about the how the big bloggers' club works in the process. I admire the efficiency of their model - they link to each other to build a little power base on the search engines. I have to wonder though whether the insta-wife knows that Glenn seems to have an inordinate fascination with this potty-mouthed Coutler clone, Andrea Harris. She appears to be a big player in this BPA cabal.

The Tim Blair site that hosted this little exchange is the most impressive page in her larger spleenville project which is prolific but somewhat vacuous in it's content. What interests me is how Reynolds got interested in her. Somehow I can't imagine this woman sitting down at the dinner table with the insta-daughter when fully 25% of her vocabulary seems to consist of the phrase, stupid asshead.

I think I won the flame war by the way. Except for Andrea and her yes-man hurling one weak, moderately clever asshead epithet at me, Last One Speaks had the last word on the thread.


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