Friday, June 13, 2003

The Wounded made some progress lately but we also we lost some ground. We eliminated 5 out of 7 of the amendments to HR2086 so theorectically Mr. Walters won't be able to use the taxpayers money to subvert the citizen's initiatives on cannabis reform. I have my doubts since the DEA used the RAVE ACT to shut down a marijuana harm reduction event last week in Montana. My elected representative in the Senate assured me by letter only last week that this would not happen and I quote, "It would be an abuse of the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act and an infringement of our rights if the legislation was used to shutdown legal, drug-free activities". Hah! This was a legitimate fundraiser for policy reforms, (not some after hours Rave), no different from any club that puts on music.

All this and the ONDCP got an industry award for their failed anti-marijuana campaign ads. Some days it's all too much to take and I struggle to find hope to keep fighting against this WOUND. They keep lying and getting away with it and now they receive prizes besides so I wrote to the awards committee. It cheered me up on this gray day.

Dear Awards Committee:

Thank you so much so much for establishing a criteria
under which a failed anti-marijuana campaign can be
awarded a prize. I notice you fail to mention that the
increased media coverage was mostly paid for by
millions of dollars of taxpayers money and any ensuing
unpaid coverage was generated by coverage of the
government's own study that proved that the campaign
not only failed to decrease drug use by teenagers but
in fact caused it to increase.

I can think of five additional campaigns off the top
of my head that could also fail. Perhaps you would
also like to award a prize to me.


LA STone


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