Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yabba Dadda Doo

The Flintstones are 50 years old today. I remember watching it every week from the first espisode to the end of the original series. I doubt I missed a single one. Jetsons were my favorite, but Flintstones came in a close second. So for their birthday, the best clip I could find on Youtube.

In other news, some young guy told me my hair was gorgeous last night at work. I think he was stoned. His girlfriend wasn't thrilled that he said it. But maybe she was just high too. They were an odd couple.

Meanwhile, they discovered a new planet that is Earthlike. It's called Gliese 581g in the Goldilocks zone. It needs a better name but I never get over how far space exploration has come in my lifetime. My great grandchildren will probably be talking about colonizing planets like this by the time they're my age.


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