Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cross-cultural love

Found this cute graphic on facebook yesterday.

And this morning I found this heartwarming story about a dog who adopted a kittten:
Pat Weber says the kitten was days old when her grandson found it in the family's barn in early September in Jordan, about 40 miles southwest of Minneapolis.

She says the 2-inch-long kitten was "ice cold." But she felt it move, so she wrapped the kitten in a warm towel. Then it began meowing — and her 4-year-old Pekingese perked up.

The tawny pooch named Mittens began licking the kitten, who nuzzled in and began suckling. Mittens hadn't had puppies in two years, yet she eventually began producing milk. She's been nursing the kitten ever since.
Photo of the dog nursing the kitty at the link.


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