Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coolest houseboat ever

I've toyed with the idea of living in a houseboat for many years now. Thought it would be a cheap way to get a house. I discovered they're not that cheap anymore and then there's the docking fees and all but for this houseboat it would be worth it. This couple "retrofitted an old Ellis Island Ferry as their very own floating home." Very cool history to the boat as well:
"The 1907 Yankee Ferry was affixed with guns and canons and was first used by the U.S. Army to patrol the Boston Harbor during World War I. In the 1920s, the Yankee was used by Ellis Island to transport newly arrived immigrants from the island to Manhattan, many of whom were kept below decks on their transatlantic voyage and are said to have obtained their first views of New York City from the decks of the [ship]."
Love the way they decorated it too. It even has a chicken coop on board. Lots more photos here at the guy's flickr account.

If I ever win the lottery or write a best selling book or something, houseboat living is back on my list of possible retirement options. That is, if it's a houseboat like this.


At 9:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I saw these photos, I thought of my dear love, Harry McColgan of Northampton. He would love this houseboat!!! Thank you for sharing.

At 11:32 PM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Jeannie, is that you? Funny, I thought of Harry too. Whom, of course, I love dearly as well. In fact I was just thinking about all of us from those days before I even saw the boat.

Need news about everyone. None of you are on the internets.

At 12:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love Harry McColgan of Northampton?!!!
We all do!! When I think of Harry, these words and scenes flood my mind.....I will share this with you....

Helen, his mother
a twinkle in his green "Irish" eyes
people smiling and laughing...
Ed and Beth
New York
a black and white photo of Molly
Saint Thomas
pleasure principle...
strangers welcomed...
Saint Paddy's Day
a gentleman
"vodka and soda"
John Smith
more laughing, more people
all walks of life...motorcycles...
sounds like John Wayne
more laughing.....
Florida ,Rhode Island and City Cafe
surrounded by "good looking women"
T-shirt,shorts and sneakers(sometimes no socks)
old classic cars
"vodka and soda"
more stories, more people...
Las Olas..Florida
grass hut......smiles, laughter
hot tub with "good looking" women
Ireland, Greece, Turkey..
..is that another sparkle in your eye, you must have met another new person...
gift of gab...
it is just buzzness, I mean business...
seal the deal
strangers welcomed.....
"Hey Harry...."
Pleasantville...Harry is here, now the fun begins...
Ocean Grande
meet you at "the wall"
insulated cups
boat rides
...still a twinkle in his green "Irish" eyes..
He asked me once, early on in our relationship, "What do you think?" I responded,"It is like live theater". I have been enjoying the show for years...I have not stopped laughing!!! I love you Harry.......I thank you Harry... I will never forget you Harry...I think of you every day.......Your love....

At 5:35 PM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Jeanne, that IS you. I remember when he told me about that conversation. His eyes never shone so bright as when he was talking about you. He was smitten as a schoolboy from the day he met you.

But why are you talking about him in the past tense? Please don't tell me he died and I didn't hear about it. I morbidly check the obits on the Gazette nearly every day just to make sure none of you have left us.

At 3:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry had one and only one true love. it was Molly. Period.

At 4:23 PM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Harry and I had a very weird relationship. Even though we didn't hang out in public all that much, we were very close in many ways. We spent more time hanging out privately than people probably realized. He confided much to me as a trusted friend.

So yes, Molly was his one truest love and no one could ever replace her in his heart. And maybe he could never bring himself to remarry out of his loyalty to Molly's memory. But Jeannie lifted him out of sadness and he loved her too. Very much. She made him happy. He told me so. More than once.


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