Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ready for Spring

We got another couple of inches of snow on Friday night. I woke up yesterday and it looked like this:

It's mostly gone already but it's still way too cold to be calling this place "the south." On the bright side, we have two daffodils bravely getting ready to bloom at the edge of the porch. They should be open in a couple of more days.

Meanwhile, I've been obsessing about upgrading the template. Spent a couple of hours checking it out and I'm a bit terrified to go through with it. I hate the new templates and the "easy" interface looks complicated. I'm freaked that I'm going to lose everything, but even though we still miraculously seem to have Haloscan comments working, that won't last forever and I really want to get rid of that ugly code on top. Going to work up my courage and just do it this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed...


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