Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blogger meltdown update

Following up on yesterday's Blogger lockout, it appears that the problem was wide-spread and not confined to one category of blogs, so it wasn't that you were posting any particular content. However, the lockdown does remind me this morning about the importance of internet neutrality. If we lose it, this sort of thing could happen all the time and it could easily be content related.

Anyway, most of you should be unlocked by now but there's a new problem that affects the whole system. No one can open any Blogger blog in IE. Avedon figured out that it was a sitemeter problem. If you remove your sitemeter code from the template, it seems to solve it.

Good reason to switch to Firefox as your browser but in the interim, for those who can't give up their IE, I removed the sitemeter from The Impolitic and this blog until Blogger figures out what they broke when they fixed the lockdown.


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