Friday, April 18, 2008

Little things

Well, despite my best intentions I've neglected this blog again. But not all that much is going on that is interesting in my life. I finally got an appointment with the ENT surgeon for next week so I'll find out if I'm going to live or not. I've been mulling over what I would do if it turns out I'm one of those rare cases where this is a terminally malignant cancer. I'm thinking I might let myself die rather than gain a few more years of living on poison and vomiting. I've always believed when your number is up, it's up and I don't know if the quality of life would be worth cheating death for a short time.

But enough morose talk. The weather is warming up again and the flora are changing. There's a few stray late blooming daffodil type flowers but now we're into azaleas and tulips and I've seen a few early iris wagging their purple tongues in the warm breeze. And the non-flowering trees are finally busting out there million shades of green and building the natural privacy fences that cover up the view of the neighbor's storage sheds and whatnot.

The bugs have begun to arrive but not in force yet, although I had a conversation with a bumblebee the size of a 737 the other afternoon. I swear he was just hanging there listening to me ask him to please stop buzzing the deck because it was freaking me out. I swear he stopped doing it, after we had our little chat.

Meanwhile, I'm still working this afternoon, so I'm off for now but I'll be back this weekend with some updates. Otherwise, if you want to read something exciting, check out Fearless Freddy. The Stuntmen are in California doing a tour of talk shows and stuff to support the Young at Heart documentary. I missed all the shows. They've done Nightline, Ellen and Jay Leno. I hope somebody gets some YouTubes off their TIVO because I'm really sad to have missed every single one.


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