Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me

My archives say it was yesterday but I think that's because the time stamp has been screwed up on both my own blogs since day one. I'm sure that being the lover of double numbers that I am, that five years ago today I started my first blog. This one. It took me a while to get it off the ground and figure out what I wanted to with it, but nonetheless, I put up my first post on 3-30-03.

I called it LA Stone Speaks at first, intending to be anonymous, but I changed it to Last One Speaks within the first couple of months I think, the premise being the last one in the room still gets to talk. I've done a lot of talking since then, and started a new blog, or writing for a new blog every year in this same week for the last five years. I think five is enough. I don't intend to take any more gigs but I've come a long way from the day when the first time I hit 25 readers felt like I hit the jackpot. And of course, I've come out under my real name once blogging at Detroit News blew my cover.

I have no idea what my reach is now since I don't have access to stats for all of them, but I expect between all five blogs, it's no less than 3,000 a day on average. I expect it might be more. But really, I would still be doing this even if I was still only reaching 25 readers.

I was born to blog. It's the perfect format. Informal, conducive to short rants, and damn if I don't sometimes feel like I'm making a difference in the public narrative. But the best part has always been the cyberfriends I've made on line and the ability to stay in touch with my real world friends that I may have lost to distance and time otherwise.

Thank you all for reading and commenting and keeping me company along the way. I would have never have lasted this long without every one of you.


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