Friday, November 16, 2007

Five things about my life

The engine light went off today. I guess I finally had enough driving events. I'm thinking it was either the gas cap or the pollution stuff. I hadn't taken the car on a real ride for almost a month and finally got it on the highway today for half an hour or so. Whatever, it's out and I'm back in motorific bliss.

It was nice to go out for a ride. I took back roads for half the trip and the colors were great on the small roads. The country is pretty. The highways are ugly. Everybody takes the highway. You only save five minutes. It's weird.

I brought my houseplants inside and the Christmas catcus are doing great. The buds didn't drop off and they're growing. I should have flowers by Thanksgiving.

Right before I brought in the treeish plant, there was a bluebird sitting on it looking in my window.

It's freezing here tonight. They say it will go into the 20s. The McPartment feels cozy. I didn't bring in my ornamental plants.


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