Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feel like I'm falling for fall

I tried to find a link to the video for the Noggin song that I stole the title from but it's not on the website anymore. All I could find is the lyrics. You'll have to imagine the vid but it's in the style of this one, another all time great, Are We There Yet.

Meanwhile, it was a gorgeous day here so I took a walk around the periphery of the McCompound and found a couple of decent shots of the colors. This tree was the only one catching the late sun in the whole grove. It looked like a candle in the woods.

This one I found tucked away down at the bottom of the ridge. From far away it looked like a sugar maple.

And this hill was completely green two days ago. It turned overnight.

The shorter tower is actually some kind of lookout station. That zigzag thing is the stairs. I want to figure out how to get into that place.


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