Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who needs lobbyists when you have drug money

Corruption is not just for our politicians inside the Beltway. It reaches into every agency, especially those concerned with drug trafficking.
EL PASO, Texas - The former head of the FBI office in El Paso was indicted Wednesday on charges he lied about his relationship with a Mexican businessman who authorities suspected of links to drug traffickers.

Hardrick Crawford, special agent in charge of the El Paso from 2001 to 2003 could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted of the five criminal counts in the indictment, handed up by a federal grand jury.

The indictment said he accepted gifts including trips to Las Vegas and Mexico City, a country club membership and weekly lawn service at his home from Jose Maria Guardia, owner of a racetrack in Juarez across the border from El Paso.

...Guardia also gave a $5,000-a-month job to Crawford’s wife.

In return, Crawford “assisted Guardia with visa difficulties and vouched for (him) with American investors and suppliers,” the indictment said.
Crawford, who is now conveniently retired, lied to investigators about his knowledge of Guardia's drug activities despite having been told repeatedly by other agents about them. The hell of it is, even if he's convicted -- and I'm not holding my breath -- he probably won't even lose his cushy government pension.

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