Thursday, April 13, 2006

Birds and the bees

It's another beautiful day in the south. Going to be damn hot in the next couple of days. They're talking 90s for Sunday but this morning is perfect. Racing up to 70 and I've got my doors open already to let in the fresh air. The birds are delighted, singing their little hearts out. It's regular symphony out there these days. I seem to have a lot of new species this year. I can't even identify them all but I'm happy to see my cardinal couple has been sticking around and I think it's their baby that's been visiting the window ledge lately. The tufted titmouse is also a regular guest and the giant redheaded woodpecker has been hanging in the trees for a couple of weeks now.

Meanwhile, I can be pretty clever when I'm desperate. I managed to get rid of the giant bumblebee that was stuck inside the screen porch. The poor little guy beat himself senseless against the screening and finally just sat there on the ledge. I thought he was near death he looked so miserable but then I had the brilliant idea of catching him in a pint glass.

When I put the glass over him he woke up some, but I was able to slide the glass onto a piece of cardboard and carry him outside. He was buzzing pretty good by then and I was a little worried he would be pissed and buzz me when I let him go, but I'm happy to report he shot straight out of the glass and made a beeline north for places unknown. I'm hoping the word will get out in the bee community that I'm a bee savior now and they'll leave me alone.


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