Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who knows where the time goes...

I frittered away the day chit-chatting and leaving long winded comments around the Blogdom. I barely blogged all day. The ordeal of shaving my legs exhausted me. Since I never see anybody these days, I didn't do it for a long time. When you wait that long you kind of have to mow it twice and the real estate has expanded since I got here. I really have to join the swimming pool this summer and get more exercise.

I checked out my garden yesterday. When I pulled a few weeds I discovered my sage, oregano and pinks came back. The sage looks so good this year, I have this urge to make sage pancakes. Of course I won't since that would require me to dig my kitchen utensils out of storage and I'd have to buy flour, and whatever else you use to make pancakes. But it's a really great spring tonic kind of meal so I'll tell you how to make them.

Make some pancake batter for the crepelike kind of pancakes, the kind that stay flat instead of rising but you don't want it be sweet obviously. You can chop the sage and mix it in but it's too intense that way. I use the whole leaves. When you pour in the batter, lay the leaves on top. You don't want to cover it, they should be fairly widely spaced. Let them sink into the batter and then flip and cook it. A little butter on top and it's a weird meal but it always made me feel healthier for having eaten it. It tastes better than you think.

Meanwhile, I think I'm becoming Southernized. I rarely watch TV and I rather loathe reality shows but I've become hooked on Nashville Star. I guess it's like the country version of American Idol. Not that I've seen American Idol to make a comparison. Anyway, I'm hooked on this show. I started watching at the end of last season. Lee Ann Rimes was host then. This season Wynona Ryder and some guy whose name I always forget are hosting. Boy did she get fat. Her mother was a guest judge a couple of weeks ago and she turned into this really strange kind of senior citizen coquette. I kind of remember them being a hot singing duo.

I don't know why I'm watching it. The contestants do mostly covers so it's barely a step above karoke but I watch it every week anyway. I'm getting to love the music.


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