Monday, April 17, 2006

Mexican government admits crime is out of control

Here's a followup on my last post about how the White House is using the war on some drugs to vilify Hugo Chavez and further their political ambitions in Latin America. It appears my skepticism was on target. Venezuela had nothing to do with the drug runners outside of tipping the authorities to the shipment.
The Mexican Public Functions Office (SFP) denounced the absence of mechanisms and national security laws to detect and stop organized crime┬┤s infiltration into the government, which cripples the battle against crime and corruption.

The statement relates to Monday's arrest of three pilots of the National Water Commission in Campeche, southeast Mexico, while flying more than five tons of cocaine.

Two of the accused, Fernando Poot Perez, assistant flight coordination manager, and Marco Aurelio Perez, flight staff coordinator, are both ex military. The first served time in jail for crimes against health. The third pilot was Colombian Miguel Vazquez Guerra, 47.
Of course I found this clarification in a Costa Rican newspaper. You might notice that a paper with no axe to grind with Chavez doesn't even mention him since no Venezuelans were involved in the smuggling. But don't hold your breath waiting for the US press to correct the record. It doesn't fit into the White House agenda.


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