Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Song in my head

Keeping on the theme of poetry month, for some reason this song I wrote after my daughter and I had a fight just popped into my head. I wrote it about ten years ago so I can only remember the first verse. I wish now I had tried to get one of my friends to record it but I was too shy back then to sing it for them.
Reason to Cry

You say that I'm no good tonight
that I never have cared.
You said that I have let you down
when you needed me, I wasn't there.
I only tried to do my best
I can't change the time that's passed by.

You got a lot of living to do
before you die
And I know, sometimes
you just need a reason to cry.
One of these days I'll dig out my box of all the scraps of writing I did before I had a computer and find the rest of the verses.


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