Friday, November 11, 2005

Sea of Madness

Now this comes from the UK News of the World, which appears to be an Enquirer style tabloid but I don't doubt it's true. The Royal Navy is awash with drugs. A couple of quotes from this amusing piece.
Our revelations come just days after the Navy's sensational £200million cocaine bust in the Caribbean. We infiltrated the drug culture at HMS Nelson, a shore base at Portsmouth.

And we even managed to buy drugs INSIDE the barracks from an ecstasy-fuelled sailor—at a time our forces are meant to be on full terror alert.

..."I've done coke in here, ecstasy, ketamine, pretty much everything. Anyone would be f***ing shocked to find out how many off us take drugs inside the Navy. A mate of mine brought up a whole ounce of coke and we were doing line after line.
Personally I don't find it that shocking. What would they expect a bunch of young pumped up guys to do while they're waiting for something to happen, not to mention live with what they witness? Servicemen are lengendary for their propensity to get trashed.


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