Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Meth and gays - pure hype

The WaPo has a fairly extensive article in today's newspaper about meth abuse in the gay community, playing on the implication that gays use it to enhance sex. Frankly I don't understand this alleged nexus. As I've confessed before, I went through a stage in the early 70s where I was a fairly copious user of meth for a few months. I don't recall it having any particular effect on sexual inhibitions - not that there were many in those days - but in my experience "free sex" was more likely to fueled by the case of Ripple wine delivered weekly to our commune door by an accomodating package store. The meth users in the house were more likely to be found in intense conversation over some minute philosophical point on the state of society or the latest political malfeasance.

Gay people weren't as open in those days either, so it's hard to tell if there's some historic attraction particularly for gays, but one tends to think its prevalence in the gay community now, it it's true, is more a matter of gays generally being more likely to be overacheivers who begin using the drug in order to get more work done and eventually get hooked on the high. Of course, as I've also noted, the meth in my day was pure, being made of safer precusor ingredients. Perhaps the toxic junk they call meth today affects the user differently. If so, it's just another example of how a prohibition policy towards drugs has made things worse instead of better.


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