Thursday, November 10, 2005

Michigan voters pass medical marijuana measures

Marijuana Policy Project reports voters in Ferndale and Traverse City passed initatives in support of medical marijuana by overwhelming margins, joining Detroit and Ann Arbor who passed similar measures earlier.
In final, unofficial returns, Ferndale's Proposal D, which would remove the threat of arrest and jail under city law for seriously ill people who use and grow marijuana with their doctors' recommendations, was passing by 61% to 39%. Traverse City's Proposal 3, which would make the prosecution of medical marijuana patients the city's lowest law enforcement priority, won by 63% to 37%, according to final, unofficial returns posted on the city Web site.
I'd like to think my relentless blogging in support of drug policy reform at DetNews had something to do with that, but more likely the good citizens of Michigan reached this common sense decision on their own. Good for them.


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