Thursday, July 07, 2005

Meth epidemic grows
While our taxpayer sponsored prohibitionists continue to insist that a natural plant called marijuana is the major threat to society, the Huffington Post reports meth is top drug problem for most counties.
The No. 1 drug problem for many counties across the country is not cocaine, heroin or marijuana but methamphetamine, according to a survey released Tuesday.

...Of 500 law enforcement agencies surveyed in 45 states, 58 percent cited meth as their biggest drug problem, dwarfing cocaine (19 percent), marijuana (17 percent) and heroin (3 percent).

Other findings indicate how quickly the drug is spreading:

87 percent of agencies report increases in meth-related arrests starting three years ago. Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and Wyoming reported 100 percent increases.

70 percent say robberies or burglaries have increased because of meth use.

62 percent report increases in domestic violence because of meth use.

In a report with the survey results, the association described the spread as an "epidemic ... affecting urban, suburban and rural communities nationwide."
Meanwhile, our government still insists that a plant is the problem.
The federal government still considers marijuana the top drug problem in the nation, citing a 2003 survey estimating 15 million people who had smoked marijuana over the last month, compared with 600,000 meth users over the previous month.
What kind of lamebrain logic is that? I've heard lately that the prohibitionists are now using the gateway theory on meth, saying they have to wage war on 15 million marijuana users because it leads to meth use. If that were true wouldn't we have more meth users?

It's simple cause and effect. The rise in the easily, and more importantly cheaply, produced meth is a direct result of the prohibition on marijuana. The feds have made it too dangerous to grow a plant, so the more dangerous production facilities for a chemical concoction that will deliver a cheap high have proliferated.


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