Saturday, May 21, 2005

When it rains, it pours

Well it was an unexpected hiatus yesterday. Spent the day collecting links and working on posts for now three blogs and had three drafts going at once. I had taken a break to go out and weed the garden while the rain had stopped. We've been having thunder storms here for the last couple of days. I expected it to take an hour and of course it took three. That little garden is bigger than it looks.

I just come back in from a quick grocery run and was getting ready to post the whole lot when the power went out. Of course, for the first time in ages, I hadn't saved a bloody thing and lost the whole day's work. The garden however looks terrific although I'm a bit concerned about the tomato plant. It had become so tall it was beaten down by the rain. The stalk doesn't appear to be broken but it's looking a little stressed.

Otherwise, it wasn't all bad, I had plenty of candles and knew exactly where they were. It was kind of fun to be hanging around in candlelight but boy don't you realize how much you depend on electricity when you don't have any. Fortunately I had my new birds to entertain me.

It was pouring rain and those two little baby sparrow types that have been visiting during the day while I'm working, came to the ledge early in the evening and started pecking at the window and I suddenly realized that this was the same scrabbling sound I've been hearing out there for the last week, only much later at night. I guess they came in early on account of the weather. There were several more of them flying in to sit in the shrubs around the window and they were chirping away at each other.

I had the feeling the other birds were telling my two that it wasn't safe to stay on the ledge while I was at my desk, but mine were defending their position. A couple more birds came and pecked at the window to test the theory. They left but my two quieted down and just sat there side by side, looking at the rain. They never moved even though I went often to window to check on them. As the light failed I could see they had tucked in and were going to spend the night.

I hope they decide to build a nest there and move in.


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