Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Drug couriers are victims too

Sorry I didn't make it to this blog yesterday. It's always something down here. I had power last night but the cable went out. In any event, here's a sad and interesting story on Mexican women behind bars who were caught serving as "drug mules" for local smugglers. All are single mothers living in poverty and were struggling to keep their families housed and fed.

Some might call them criminals, but I think these women are every bit as much victims of the war on some drugs as are those who become addicted and receive jail sentences instead of treatment. Without the profits engendered by prohibition, the smugglers would not have been able to corrupt these women with promises of "easy money."

It's easy to pass judgment and say they should have known better, but ask yourself if you were trying to get by on $50 a week, living in a squalid shack, your children hungry and/or sick, whether you would also be likely to cave in to the temptation when someone offers you thousands of dollars for a few hours work.


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