Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Drug WarRant busts Barthwell

Blogger is a funny platform. It's so irritating when it doesn't work but they have a fabulous support team over there. I finally emailed this morning when the last post still wouldn't publish and within minutes I'm up and running. So before anything crashes again, let me give the big breaking news of the week.

Pete at Drug WarRant catches Andrea Barthwell in a major lie. Not about her false propaganda on medical marijuana - that's old news - although he does expose it as the fraud it is in his post. This is bigger.

Seems our former drug czarina has started a new business, Illinois Marijuana Lectures, that coordinates a lecture tour where she recycles her ONDCP lies. After some superior sleuthing, Pete discovered that she can't tell the truth about anything. She lied about being sponsored by a group called Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center which is administered through the University of Illinois. Their legal counsel told Pete she was using their name and logo without permission.

Her site was down yesterday while she removed the deceiving links to GLATTC but Pete has preserved the screen shots of her website showing the former pages listing them as sponsor. If not for Pete she would be still be perpetrating this fraudulent claim. Good work buddy.

Meanwhile, State Rep. Larry McKeon who introduced the medical marijuana bill in Illinois that Barthwell is out stumping against, published a letter in the Chicago Sun Times addressing her disinformation tour on behalf of prohibition. He had this to say.

As a legislator, I am used to political disagreements, and I enjoy a healthy debate. But when a former White House official crisscrosses our state, deliberately spreading misinformation about a proposal to protect some of our most vulnerable citizens, that's where I draw the line. ...

I welcome an honest debate about my medical marijuana bill, but let's base that debate on facts, not spin. Illinoisans deserve better than Andrea Barthwell's travelling con job.

So do we all deserve better. I have more to say on this at DetNews and at Tongue Tied.


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