Saturday, December 11, 2004

Blog watch

Playing catch up here this morning, decrimwatch already pointed to this excellent post at Power and Control on genetic discrimination. But in case you missed it, M. Simon explains the science of addiction and cannibinoid receptors and makes some pithy remarks on the inhumanity of our current punishment model for treating addicts.

Grits for Breakfast has the scoop on the current corruption and the thankfully somewhat diminishing influence of drug task forces in Texas and around the nation, here and here.

Loretta Nall reports on a proposed book ban in Alabama that targets homosexuals but could effectively be used to suppress discussion of drug policy reform by banning state funds from being used to purchase any educational materials that "sanction, recognize, foster or promote "homosexuality and similar activities that violate state law."

Loretta points out that under the language of the law, printing the law itself would be illegal. It occurs to me that programs like DARE would be illegal too. Hmmm.


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