Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sunday Reading

Baylen from D'Alliance is still blogging from Boliva and should be checking in soon with details of his trip to the coca growing region of Yungas. He also points us to an excellent article by Ted Galen Carpenter in the National Review on the continuing failure of Plan Colombia.

Meanwhile, his co-blogger Alan Heymann, who is manning the fort here at home posts on a new scheme concocted by law enforcement authorities in Utah. Apparently, having failed to discover and eradicate enough cannabis on their own, the State Bureau of Investigation is encouraging the general public to do their work for them. They are reportedly paying up to $1,000 to citizens willing to rat out their local growers as part of their new Spot Pot, Get a Lot program.

One could think of a thousands better ways to spend the taxpayer's money.


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