Monday, April 01, 2013

Scenes from my past - Part Three

When I was kid, we had the best neighborhood playground. A beautiful park with a baseball diamond and a horseshoe pit, and a big old pond at the bottom of the hill surrounded by a little woods and a big swamp beyond that. And they had fun equipment. Big metal slides and seesaws and monkey bars. The one we had looked just like this. The big deal was when you were brave enough to do flips over that middle bar at the top and then hang upside down by your knees and wave your arms in the air.

In the summer they had an arts and crafts program. We made lanyards out of plastic strips and potholders on those little looms that you can still buy today. I made dozens of potholders. Pretty sure my mom still has a couple. And the other really fun piece of playground equipment was this merry go round thing. Everybody would grab a bar and run and then jump on while we waited for it to slow down again. Then we would jump off. Whoever jumped off first won the game. The big kids always won.

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