Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing out the old

Well, the calendar flipped through another year and I have my one extravagance, ridiculously expensive champagne, ready to go. Not sure I'm going to drink it tonight though, since I'm planning to stay home alone. But I do surely love starting the year with bubbles.

I've seen ice bubbles like this before, but never quite so many or so artfully arranged, not to mention the color of the ice here at this place called Abraham Lake.

[photo via My Modern Met and many more at the link.]

And it's not a party without balloons, so here's an entire subway car full. Far as I know this is a real thing that happened in NYC.

[Gothamist photo]

Happy New Year's Eve and if you're going out, be careful. Lot of amateurs on the road tonight.

[Photos are better if you click on them to embiggen.]


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