Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dream Cruise

Though I've never actually been there, I know a lot about Detroit because I've been blogging at the newspaper for so long. The annual Dream Cruise is my favorite event in the greater Detroit area.

I just love classic cars. I've owned a few in my lifetime. Most of them were just used cars and not old enough to be classics yet while I drove them but I got my 1960s Dodge Dart when it old enough to qualify. Can't begin to tell you how much I loved this car.

Spent a long time and a lot of money restoring it. Painted mine more of a darker greenish blue with a cream top. It looked almost as good as this one. Chrome wasn’t quite as shiny.[photo via]

It was a really fun car to drive. I called it Pioneer because every trip in it was an adventure that inevitably ended up at the mechanic. That car loved the repair shop like it was a Porsche. Still I treasured it. We’ll skip the tragic tale of its untimely end. Still makes me a bit sad to think about it.

In the meantime wish I was Woodward Ave right now in person. Since that didn't happen, thanks to the internet we can all be there virtually. Join the social media sharing and tag your photos with #DreamCruise or #wdc2012. You may see your shares here. And follow along at ‏@detnewscruise if you're on twitter. If you're not a social media person, check out the great photo gallery.

Or if you can't be there in person and love livestream cams as much as I do, the Detroit News live web cam is a great way to view the action. I've seen some great cars out there.


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