Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Road food

I've avoided chain restaurants most of my life but since I've been hanging out with John, we go to a lot of them. And when you're on the road they're often the most convenient and a safe choice. I mean, you been to one, to been to them all and you know what to expect.

So I ordered my dinner from Cracker Barrel tonight, since it was right next door and I could walk to it. Got the Cajun Catfish sandwich platter. Great meal for only eight bucks, including the tax. Lots of food and well prepared and included good cole slaw, for the win.


At 6:41 PM , Anonymous marcus said...

As opposed to road kill. I like finding an unchained, as it were, eating establishment. Gimme the local fare, hopefully a saddle blanket sized chicken fried steak with graaavy, fried okrie, and some garlic mashed 'taters.

At 9:54 PM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I'm fond of old fashioned diners and hole in the wall local joints myself. But not always easy to find. Mash potatoes and gravy are one my favorite comfort foods.

At 5:40 AM , Anonymous Yabu said...

I'm with you and Marcus, I look for the Mom and Pops, but the Juju Woman and I do order takeout from CB on occasion. We also have one of the best M & P red checkered table cloth Italian joints I've EVER eaten in. I haven't eaten any chain fast food in 20 years. I take that back, I did eat at a McD 5 years ago, and I was sick as a dog. If you stay off the junk food for as long as I have, your systems will adapt.

At 11:20 AM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Love the little local Italian joints too. I also have a fondness for Indian food now and then. You can almost never go wrong with those and they're rarely chains, if ever. Those are harder to find except in the bigger cities or small cities populated by hippies.

And of course, local Mexican cantinas. Those are more of a gamble though.


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