Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out of the comfort zone

I keep trying to get to a regular schedule on this blog, but life keeps interfering. Had a couple of days off but spent the whole time on errands and phone calls. And of course, my annual seasonal affective disorder doesn't help. I hate when it gets dark. These first few weeks make me want to just sleep all the time. Not to mention, driving has been especially challenging lately.

Hate driving in rain. Hate driving in the dark. Yesterday drove 300 miles in rain, which started with a torrential thunderstorm, complete with hail. And then the last 90 or so miles were in the dark and it rained the whole time. But the traffic wasn't too horrible so I pressed on. I only get off the road early if all three factors are in play.

On the bright side, with the cold weather, when I'm wearing a sweater, nobody can tell I'm not wearing a bra, so I don't have take the time to put it on to go into the gas stations. So there's that...


At 8:31 PM , Anonymous marcus said...

Oh my....


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