Thursday, August 18, 2005

Around The Bloggerhood

I've been posting a lot at The Impolitic for the last couple of days and with my crazy schedule, today feels like the weekend to me, so I'm doing the roundup a little early this week. Here's what I won't be covering since it's already been so ably addressed.

Pete at Drug WarRant points us to Radley's piece on the disposition of the lawsuit we reported on in January. The cops got away it, scot free. As Pete says,
...this isn't just a silly/funny story about "oops, the police made a mistake." This goes into the whole drug war notion that citizens don't have rights -- that the police are able to feel that they can go and destroy something without cause or special authority, and that there are no repercussions if they're wrong.
Pete also has a slew of great posts in last few days, from Walters latest bizarre remarks to the DEAs vendetta in Venezuela. There's too many to even highlight. Just start at the top and keep scrolling.

Meanwhile, the fine bloggers at D'Alliance are looking at the failure of absurd cold medication legislation to stem the availability of meth, and watching the walls of marijuana prohibition come tumbling down.

Scott is off for a few days but leaves a load of links to recent posts and David Borden is back from hiatus with a post on the drug war in Acapulco.

Loretta is on the road and sending in reports while Terry holds down the blog. This is another scroller folks. They have pix and tape of Loretta, a lot of regional stories on the Southeast and news on Central and South America that you haven't seen anywhere else.

Finally the other Scott, that being Scott Morgan of Flex Your Rights has a police encounter success story.


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