Friday, July 08, 2005

You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist....

Well, actually in this case, it would have helped. It seems a couple of meth freaks had a lot of meth and most likely being their own best customers, way too much energy. They decided to safeguard their stash by rigging up a rocket system that would deploy from their trunk using a complicated pulley system and was powered by igniting a fuse with the cigarette lighter. It probably would have worked on TV but unfortunately for the pair, the model rocket, along with three, I assume attached, dud bombs did not launch as planned when they were stopped by the police.

I received this link from more than one source but most notable was from the new blog in town, FYR Blog, brainchild of Flex Your Rights, the brains behind the essential video - Busted. When it comes to drug reform and justice issues, these guys really are rocket scientists.

Check it out. They're just getting started and it's a great resource already.


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