Friday, July 22, 2005

No green thumbs here

I'm on duty again today so just a quick update on the garden this morning. It's pretty pathetic so it won't take long. The nasturtiums are a complete loss. The sole plant that came up still only has two leaves. The spaghetti squash is a goner. Still alive but barely hanging on.

One of my first two tomatoes disappeared completely without a trace. Maybe the deer do like them because the plant has severely trimmed in the last couple of days. There almost no leaves left and the latest flowers were eaten as well. The remaining tomato is growing nicely however. More exciting is the Brandywine finally set fruit and has four baby tomatoes on it.

The peppers are growing fine but aren't really setting fruit either, although they keep flowering and looking like they still might. Meanwhile two bean plants some how escaped the first deer foraging and I now have eight tiny beans. Michael you're a shoe-in on that contest.

Meanwhile the basil has gone to seed and some tiny birds come in the mornings to eat them. I'm surprised they don't break the stems when they sit on the plant but that's the only thing that actually thriving in the whole garden.

It appears my only success story this year will be the window boxes and the planter which is finally thriving and actually quite nice.


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