Sunday, November 07, 2004

Around the bloggerhood

While I was busy blathering over in Detroit, Pete at Drug WarRant was doing the real work getting those elections guides together. Although I modestly point out that Detroit carried Kerry to a win in Michigan and perhaps I had some tiny part in that, Pete's blog made a huge impact for drug reform candidates in Illinois and beyond. He also has some sage words of advice for Aghanistan's new president, Karzai.

Baylen at D'Alliance is trying to look at the bright side of Tuesday's dismal presidential results and reminds us that at least there's still ganja soap in California.

It's my usual advice for Decrimwatch, just keep scrolling but don't miss the story on what may be the oldest decrim policy on the books in Niles, Illinois.

Grits for Breakfast brings us a story on the tragic death of a rookie police officer who was killed in Dallas when her partner ran her over with the cruiser during a police chase. They were chasing a suspect for lighting up one joint. Scott also posts a moving follow-up with some sober thoughts.

Speaking of sober, Vice Squad has the word on the impending re-legalization of absinthe in Switzerland and an excellent post on police fishing expeditions based on the pretext of minor traffic stops.


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