Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I've got to get out this town and out of my own head for while. I have a free plane ticket I have to complete travel on by the end of the month. I think I'm going to Florida for a few days next week. It's still warm there and as luck would have it, Harry, Jeannie, Sully and Patty are all going to be there in the same time frame. I just found out tonight while I was watching the Sox lose.

The game was a little painful but the series is far from over and for the 'Red Sox Theory' faithful, I have two words: Remember Oakland.


To underscore yesterday's post on the collateral damage in the WODSU, Tami Halphen sends this tragic story of an innocent teenage Hispanic girl, Ashley, who was senselessly murdered in a botched DEA raid. She could have been a poster girl for a clean teen campaign, and had a bright future until it was extinguished by the zealots who perpetrate this war against free choice.

This story is so sad I couldn't read the whole thing myself. It's all too familar a scenario in my inbox lately and I'm at my sorrow limit today. I really need this vacation.

Photo Monday Magazine

Thanks to Tim Meehan who blows through the inbox with this little gem today to lighten things up with this great piece from what appears to be an alternative weekly in Toronto. But would he inhale?, by Alisa Gordaneer, sums up the current Canadian cannabis situation with charming style.


I've been staying out of the Limbaugh dialogue so far. I can't deny feeling a certain fiendish glee in seeing him reap his karmic debt but I don't wish him ill. I hope he beats the addiction and I think he should be treated and not imprisioned just like any addict. Trouble is, he's getting off a lot easier than your average offender who's not an an obscenely rich apologist for the Bush administration.

I ran across this editiorial today in the LA Times, Now, a Real Drug Challenge, that summed up my feelings on the subject so well, that I decided to post the link even though you have to do the tiresome free registration thing to read it. Last word to the LAT.

When Limbaugh emerges from treatment this time around, perhaps he'll understand that he was no different from the addict on the street scrounging for his next fix. Maybe he can contribute something better than macho bluster to the debate over treatment of drug offenders — a group that includes those offering medical marijuana to cancer patients and rich, white radio hosts trying to score pills in the parking lot of Denny's.


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