Wednesday, October 08, 2003


My regular readers will have noticed the blog is little choppy today. I was experimenting with a new methodology. So the last word - goes first, to Jules Siegel. I'm eagerly awaiting an advance copy of his new book, Mad Laughter, Fragments of a Life in Progress. I've already seen some of the drafts. It's a magnificent book and will be a rare treasure. Jules has three self-published and/or self-designed books in the Museum of Modern Art Artists Book Collection already.

Jules' work hurts you with it's truth, but then soothes you with it's beauty. In his words:

No matter what you write, you are always writing about yourself, but you do not realize what it all means until it's too late to take it back.

photo Narco News


I dug deep into last week to bring you this story about the end of Howard Wooldrigde's trip to promote drug policy reform. My long time readers will remember Howard, a retired cop and his horse, One Eyed Misty. They've been riding clear across this country, depending on the kindness of strangers and giving a voice to reason. Howard's my kind of guy; he's taking the message directly to the streets. A big thanks and well done to both of them.

photo Statesman Journal


Pete at Drug War Rant is making me look like a slug these days. He's been burning up the blogosphere with breaking news and blazing analysis on the absurdity of this WODSU. Check out this post on a marijuana field in Tulare County, California that was destroyed by a battalion of local, state and federal eradicators. Pete makes a good point about the values of legal and illegal crops.

They cut down 72,321 plants which they calculated to be worth $289 million. I usually think that they overestimate the value of these grow busts, but with the buds reported to be the size of fists, this time I think I believe them. To quote Preston's reaction to the story, "OUCH".


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