Saturday, October 01, 2011

First you scream No

Working my way through the grief cycle. I knew it was trouble when the caller ID showed the folks' phone number so early in the morning. I thought, oh no. Dad fell and broke a hip this time. Of course, the news was much worse and completely unexpected.

First you scream -- No! It can't be true. It's a terrible mistake. Then you deal with the immediate aftermath. The arrival of the nearby family members. The hugs. The tears. Softly murmured recollections of good times. The sound of heart wrenching sobs from a behind a closed door. Sometimes they're your own.

The funeral home. The insensitive funeral director trying to talk Mom into a more expensive option than they had already paid for long ago. Gratefully, Dad made his preferences clear. A speedy cremation. No public viewing. A private strewing of the ashes.

Oddly the most comforting moment was when we got home again. The very religious neighbor came over to ask if it would be okay to mow the lawn. Then he asked if he could say a prayer. He prayed for us. The heathen survivors. To find peace. Somehow it helped.


At 8:38 AM , Anonymous marcus said...

Seems crazy that death is a part of life...I don't get it. Both my parents are gone, and I miss them still. Hope you and your family spend time together talking. God bless you and yours during this.

At 9:50 AM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks marcus. The support of my internet family is a great comfort to me.

At 9:51 AM , Anonymous Yabu said...

My condolences. Both of my parents are gone, I know how you feel, kinda. Everyone handles the death of loved ones differently. Stay strong for your family.

At 7:38 PM , Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks Yabu. Trying to stay strong but I'm not succeeding very well. Dad would hate that I'm wallowing in self pity like this. Just gotta work through it.

At 11:39 PM , Blogger Umā said...

So sorry to read this. Even when it's "expected" it is so utterly shocking to lose a parent.


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