Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Places I Remember

I had intended to post something completely different this morning, but then this happened. It all started out innocently enough. I remembered I hadn't clicked over to see the fabulous drawing done by Ina's prodigal daughter so I thought I would stop by quickly before I started posting this morning to check it out. When I left a comment, on a whim, I checked the profile of another commenter I didn't recognize. I'm always looking for new Happy Valley bloggers who post pictures of my old hometown.

Blogger has this new feature called followed blogs. I don't use it myself, but this person had the longest list I've ever seen and I couldn't resist clicking on Pink Tentacle, where I found a ten best posts roundup. They were all great links. The Styrofoam dome houses was my favorite. I could happily live in a two pod version of one of those I think.

Thus inspired, I started clicking on more of her blog list. I found gorgeous vintage illustrations and a really nice mixed media collage blog that makes me want to start doing arty things again.

I found a hysterical Christmas animation at the top of this blog and he sent me to 100 cereal box covers. Boy did that bring back memories of the sugar rush mornings of my youth.

I got lost for a couple of hours before I finally made it to secret notebook-wild pages which was my original destination. My favorite find. She lives in the hilltowns where I spent ten years on the farm before I moved to lovely downtown Noho. I know these places she photographs. I've walked in those woods. And she takes trips to downtown. Rare good tonic for when I get homesick for the Valley. This is why I love Blogtopia.

[Title inspired by this song]


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