Sunday, October 07, 2012

Short story for a Sunday

I don't know why I follow this guy on the twitter. I'm sure it's because he followed me first, but I rarely understand his tweets. He's some kind of media critic who reviews shows I never watch. But this link made it worth while. It's kind of a goth thing adapted to a steampunk style. I enjoyed it maybe you will too. Here's the opening:
“Nothing that calls itself a Governess,” said Little Darcy. Darcy was still missing teeth, and spoke strangely around the stiff collar points he’d been affecting of late. “They are dependably wicked.”

“And nothing clockwork,” added his sister, Wild Charlotte. She wore a headdress of bright, unnatural feathers and had red stripes painted along her cheeks. “None of that in our home.”

Adelaide stared down at them, exasperated. She hated nothing more than when the twins ganged up on her like this, with their nonsensical demands.

“What about Nurse? You love it at Sebastian’s house.”

Nurse was a tick-tock thing that had served her dearest friend’s household as long as they’d lived. Charlotte had always been fond of the old girl, but now, she shook her curls. “Clockworks are fine for the Rocqueforts, but not for us. It’s enough that you’ll explode us one day with your experiments. I won’t have it.”
If you liked that so far, read the rest here.


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