Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Infinity is a mobius strip

Ezra Klein just tweeted: There are totally limits to human imagination. Try to conceptualize infinity!

I tweeted him and told him I can, and I have, conceptualized infinity but the whole answer is too long for twitter.

To get to infinity, you must leap into the bubble of one moment and ride it into forever.

Forever is vast. It can't be seen with the eye. Only with the mind.

It can't be described in the language of spoken words. Only experienced in the body.

To reach infinity you just burst the shell of your being into a billion pieces and hurl yourself, atom by atom, into the universe.

It has no end. Or beginning. It just is.
Fair warning: If you try this at home, it may alter the way you perceive the passage of time. [graphic via]


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