Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long way home

Today was a travel day. I'm back from a few glorious days at the beach. Weather was perfect until this morning. We woke up to gale force winds. Much flying of chairs off the deck. Half the shells the kids collected blew away. It was high tide. The roiling surf was vicious, slapping at the bottom of the stairs to the beach.

I was a mile away from the causeway when the car beeped at me, wailing about low tire pressure. The first two air machines I stopped at didn't have gauges on them. So I guessed which tire. I was wrong. After about 40 miles, I finally found a tire place. The guy was very nice. He was really busy but he stopped and checked the air for me and made the sad message go away. He wouldn't take any money for it.

A few miles down the road came the torrential rain. Blinding torrents on windshield that no wiper speed can clear. Glad it was daylight and I could see the white line on the side of the road. Then I started hitting the big puddles. No way to see them in the downpour. Very exciting. Not fun.

Drove through bands of rain all the way home. Gratefully the deluges ended and turned to lighter rain about half way. Just in time for the slow road, heavy traffic part of the trip. An exhausting five hours in exchange for five glorious days by the sea. Well worth the price.

The photo was on the day the net fisherman parked in front of our cottage. I didn't take this one. Too tired tonight to do it, but hope to upload a few photos of my own tomorrow.


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