Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm looking over my four leaf clover

Things have been quiet in the little city lately. Big excitement of the month happened yesterday. I've been diligently searching for four leaf clovers here for almost three years now. I was convinced they just didn't grow around here. Then yesterday, I was trying to cross the street with the intention of buying a lottery ticket for the Megabucks, what with the prize being about a quarter of billion.

There was so much traffic, I had to wait a while, so I idly scanned the patch of clover at my feet. A patch, I might add that I've searched before. And damn if I didn't see a big fat four leaf clover staring right at me. Of course, if there's one, there's more. I found six of them. Gave one to the guy who sold me the ticket. He kissed it and put it on the cash register.

Of course, it didn't help. At least not right away. I only won a buck back. But then again, no one won the big prize so it's now up to almost half a billion. Hoping that means my lucky clover just decided to hold out for the bigger prize.

Meanwhile, haven't posted a picture in a while. Thinking this is probably a digitially enhanced photo, if not a photoshop, but nice, no? Sunset through a wave...

[Original photo]


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