Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Nearly as I can remember, I believe I've watched at least part of every single Superbowl since the first one. I'll admit I'm not a football fan but I always the commercials and hey, there was always a party. Don't think I ever did the same thing twice either. My best one was the year I was in Belize and watched it from a tropical bar with the surf crashing within feet of the TV.

Think I'm going to miss it this year. I picked up a shift at the Big Box for tonight and even though I'll be working on the floor instead of the registers, seems unlikely I'll get a chance to go over to electronics and catch a few plays. It's on the opposite end of the store. Guess I don't care really. These days you can see all the commercials on the internet and the game itself is almost boring anyway.

Meanwhile, with this pick up shift, I only get one day off this week. Hell of it is, even though it ties me up every day, I still only get about 25 hours of work for the week. This is dark secret of these kind of jobs. They tie up most of your time since you still have to get ready and drive over and all, but they don't actually give you enough hours to make ends meet and it's not very easy to get an second job when your hours always change.


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