Saturday, February 12, 2011


One plus about working for the Big Box Store is I get to see what the good deals are on any given day and one thing I'll say about my store is they have the best clearance sales anywhere. Yesterday they had a one day extra bonus sale, 40% off the already marked down winter stuff. Scored another long sleeve work shirt for $2.79 and fleecy warm pajama pants for $4.39, both of which I really needed. And I desperately needed a new set of sheets for my little twin bed. Last week I scored a 100% cotton set for only $4.99.

Sadly, all this still feels like a splurge to me these days when I'm wondering how I'm going to pay my heating bill and the rent, much less buy any food. I guess I'm just going to keep hoping to pick up extra shifts. I really need some call-ins for the next two weeks. I'm only scheduled for 7 days total out of the 14.

But at least this week has been good for picking up hours. And I'm happy that they cancelled my early shift on the register today so I could take the afternoon shift at the pharmacy instead. That gives me an extra hour today. So there's that...


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